Illiteracy amongst African American men: MENREAD TOO

A informative interview with Walter Williams of: MENREAD TOO about Illiteracy amongst African American Men. Walter talks about overcoming Illiteracy and the MENREAD TOO program. CLICK THE VIDEO TO WATCH.

Chronic kidney disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment with RN Steve Belcher

Todays show is with RN Steve Belcher discussing Chronic kidney failure. Steve will discuss the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, as well as treatment. He also goes into detail about how the black community is dealing with Kidney disease. Powerful info. Click…


A uplifting and powerful interview with CHIEF ELDER JOHN D. HENRY about KEMET, SPIRITUALITY, THE 42 LAWS OF MAAT AND MUCH MORE. The ancestors blessed the real truth and power podcast with this powerful video. Click the link to watch.

THE CBPM ( The Collective Black People Movement )

CEO Everett Winchester was blessed to have a one on one interview with the Vice President of the Collective Black People Movement BROTHER JOHN. This is a very informative interview. Please LIKE AND SHARE THE INFO.